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Brown Angus Ranch donates bull to a Kansas rancher that lost everything!

    Recent wildfires that burst through the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado has taken the lives of many livestock that were in its path. 
    There are many first time ranchers down in these affected areas that were just getting off on their feet and suffered huge losses.  Most included their whole cowherd, all fences, and even houses and shops.  
    We felt it was necessary to try and help out a fellow breeder that lost 1180 pairs in the wildfire. He was at a total loss and only manage so save a small group of replacement heifers he had at a different location. We donated a heifer bull sired by our own herd sire BAR Firebrick 286 out of a SAV Bismarck daughter.  
    They were extremely humbled and excited that someone could do this for them in such a time of heart break and sorrows.  We pray every day that they can find peace and be able to fight through this trying time.