Sires Include:
SAV Resource 1441
SAV International 2020
SAV Renown 3439
SAV Angus Valley 1867
SAV Pursuit 0160
SAV Platinum 0010
Connealy Black Granite
RB Tour of Duty 177
HF Kodiak 5R
KF Bando 11
BJ's Bearcat 314
SAV West River 2066
BJ's Tiger 101
Jindra 3rd Dimension
Jindra Beckon
Jindra Megahit
BAR Firebrick 286
BAR Forage Harvestor 506
BAR Totally Impressed 208
BAR On the Prowl 347
SSAF Tiger 302
SSAF 8180 Traveler 415

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 4 Maternal brothers to SAV Eliminator 9105 by SAV Resource and SAV International 2020 all will be sold on Feb 23rd at the Ranch.  These bulls have excellent breeding potential.  The Resource progeny right now are the hottest sons and daughters to sell in the industry.  They add loads of growth while keeping your frame and maternal quality in check!  SAV International was the all time record selling bull in 2013 for $400,000 and has really stamped his calves with a great phenotype and are scale crushers.  Our first calf crop from him are very consistent!  He was one of the heaviest used bulls in 2014-2015 AI season! 
This opportunity is one you dont want to miss out on!  We have never offered a set of bulls with this type of muscle shape.  They are powerful!

Feel free to contact us to stop by and visit with us and take a look at the bull sale offering!

SAV Resource 1441
SAV International 2020
SAV Eliminator 9105
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Semen for Sale:

BJ's Tiger 101                                 $20/straw
BAR Forage Harvestor 506               $25/straw
BJ's Bearcat 314                             $30/straw
BAR Netmore                                  $40/straw       
Center, ND

Connealy Black Granite
BAR Firebrick 286

2017 Supplement Sheet

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If you do not have a DVAuction account and cannot attend the sale please sign up early and get everything working prior to sale day. They will have to approve your bank and that can take some time.  Very simple and easy!
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